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Transportation: The Difference between Public and Private for People with Special Needs

Transportation: The Difference between Public and Private for People with Special Needs

When it comes to our children, we know that they all have their own personal requirements and needs. There are lots of factors, which parents need to take into consideration when selecting the right transportation for their child. Knowing the important considerations will help in the contemplation when it comes to private and public transportation.

Benefits of public transportation

Public transportation has been becoming increasingly accessible for passengers with disabilities and lots of trains and buses are not equipped with wheelchair access. In addition, there is an increase in the public transportation routes, wherein for many people, could open up new opportunities of using public transport. Lots of passengers with disabilities are entitled to public transport fare reductions and subsidies. This will be able to make public transport an outstanding choice for people who travel on a budget, and do not have access to their car. Train and bus rides can furthermore be a very fun and enjoyable experience for special children, who are fascinated by watching the world zoom by outside the window.

Benefits of private transportation

Having your own private vehicle will offer you the ease of traveling at any time to any place. Moreover, it gives you peace of mind that, if there should ever be some emergencies in which you have to reach the hospital or just return home late at night, you can do so immediately. Your own vehicle can also accommodate the exact needs of your child. If you need a wheelchair accessible vehicle, it can be altered to be able to perfectly suit the size of personal wheelchair.

Long vs. short journeys

Another thing that you should take into consideration for selecting the right transport is the distance being travelled. While many special children will be comfortable to travel in short distances around town on the train or bus, they may find longer journeys on public transportation quite a challenged. After all, several hours on a noisy train are enough for making anyone feel restless. In this case, opting for private transportation, regardless if it is your own vehicle or a taxi would alleviate the stress of ensuring that your child will be comfortable, without a need to worry about when the next stop will be, or disturbing other passengers.

Finding a balance between comfort and independence

Depending on the capabilities and age of your special child, you may want to take into consideration the balance between ease and independence in terms of transportation. A personal van or car is surely much less hassle and more comfortable as compared to public transportation. Nonetheless, many parents are hoping that their special child can travel independently in the future, and thus, learning how to use public transport together may be an important step forward.

For several families, it could mean using a combination of both private and public transportation, while for others, it just might not be possible. There are many things, which need to be taken into consideration when selecting the right transportation.


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