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The German Market is on its way to Birmingham

For the past few years, The German Market has been one of the major tourist attractions in the region. And it’s easy to see why. The ability to eat amazing German food and drink German beer sourced directly from vetted manufacturers is more than enough to bring you outside. And there’s certainly a lot of cool stuff to be had here. The German Market in particular is known for the fact that it showcases German foods and traditions in ways that no one does. That alone makes this place iconic and extremely interesting.

If you’re flying or getting a train into Birmingham don’t forget to use a trusted service like Beaufort Airport Taxis Birmingham, they are based at Birmingham Airport and Grand Central and will be ready to take you there, unless you would like to walk of course as it’s only a 10 minute walk.

Also, The German Market is known for the fact that it attracts millions of people during Christmas, so it does help the local economy quite a lot. It’s also the centerpiece of the Christmas festivities in Birmingham, and it’s the largest outdoor Christmas market in the UK.

Originally The German Market was created as a way for people to see how German festivities would be like, and they should be enticed to go to Germany and see the real deal. However, The German Market became so popular in the UK that it soon started to attract visitors on its own.

And it’s set to come back this year too. You can expect The German Market to take place between November 15 and December 23rd. This is almost the same schedule that they had last year, with just some minor differences to take into account.

There are lots of things to enjoy when it comes to The German Market, one of them being the fact that you can enjoy shopping, German foods and drinks in a single place. It’s not open during the Christmas even this year, mainly because the Christmas Eve falls on a Monday this time around. A few years ago The German Market had an extension until December 29th, but it seems that this won’t be the case this year. There might be a slight extension, but nothing is set in stone, and those are just rumors.

The German Market is set to take place on the New Street and Victoria Square. Last year there were 93 stalls, but that number was half of what you usually have during the event as there were some renovations in the region.

Just like every other year, The German Market is running from 10 AM to 9 PM. If you take the Birmingham airport transfers and want to go directly to The German Market, then you might want to avoid the middle of the day as it can get super busy most of the time. The end of the day and weekends are also rather busy, but anywhere in between will be more than ok.

Visiting The German Market is a very good idea if you are in Birmingham during the holidays and even a bit beforehand. There’s a whole lot of cool stuff to see and enjoy here, not to mention you can acquire amazing gifts. Don’t hesitate and visit The German Market if you have the possibility to do that!


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